LTL Expedite


Our LTL expedited service utilizes a dedicated fleet of highly-skilled drivers. We are reshaping the concept that LTL freight shipping is just a commodity. With customized solutions based on your company’s needs, we deliver more transportation options and technology than any other provider in the industry. Specializing in shipping to Western Canada and the U.S.A., SureTrack ensures that your shipment arrives safely and on-time.

We provide extremely fast service and we’re unmatched with any other freight shipping company. Our partnership with leading international airlines, inter-modal services, and major transportation companies means your shipment is in the right hands. Each truck operates on a team driver system with 2 drivers at all times. SureTrack’s drivers are highly-skilled and able to service any industry. Our trucks are equipped with leading technology that sends customers live notifications twice daily and gives up-to-date progress of shipments, including any unexpected delays.

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